Couples Information

The first form to fill out is your Notice of Intended Marriage, and this one is time-sensitive. It needs to be accurately completed, signed before your Celebrant (or other authorised witness as listed on the form), and then lodged with your Celebrant at least one month (but not more than 18 months) prior to your marriage ceremony. 

For marriages taking place in Queensland and New South Wales, I use Births, Deaths and Marriages’ online registry systems, so please fill out page 3 and email it back to me at least a week before our planning meeting. I will then upload your details and print your uniquely-barcoded official Notice of Intended Marriage for us all to sign when we meet.

If we are unable to get together in person, please complete the Notice then sign it in front of an authorised witness, as listed on page 4 of the form. Scan and email the witnessed Notice to me (or mail it to me by Registered Post, at 67 Midwood Court, Samford Valley QLD 4520, Australia) so that it reaches me before the one-month deadline before your marriage.  

A few small hints to help you complete the form correctly:

  • Item 5: Usual Occupation. Your job title should be as specific as possible (not simply ‘Self-employed’ or ‘Manager’ or ‘Professional’).
  • Item 7: Conjugal Status. If you haven’t been married before, the legal term is ‘Never Validly Married’ – not ‘single’ or ‘de facto’. Other options for conjugal status at the time of signing your Notice of Intended Marriage include ‘Divorced’, ‘Widowed’, or ‘Divorce pending’. (Of course, your divorce would then have to be final before your new marriage can take place.)
  • Item 12: Mother’s Maiden Name. This must be her full name – not just her maiden surname (a common mistake).
  • Item 17: Children of Previous Marriages. This one can cause some confusion, and to be honest is a bit of an outdated statistical measure. It includes children born within a previous marriage, or to a couple who then married after that child was born. It does not include any children the two of you have already had together before your upcoming marriage. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me.

My Couple’s Questionnaire helps me learn more about you both, so I can create a ceremony that is authentic, memorable, fun and injected with your personalities.

I suggest doing it together – it’s bound to be a fun and insightful discussion, and the more detail you are able to give me, the better the end result is sure to be. Feel free to add extra pages if you wish.

Have some fun with it, then email it to me when you’re done; preferably before we get together for our planning meeting. I can’t wait to read what you come up with! Thank you for taking the time to do this; it really will make all the difference to your ceremony.

Please help me out by not forwarding this document or page link to others. Many thanks for your understanding.

Regards, Lorraine

To help me protect copyright, please don’t forward this document or page link to others. Many thanks for your understanding.

My Vows, Readings and Rituals booklet contains loads of examples of vows, rituals and a wide range of readings and quotations, in case you are interested. You are welcome to have a flick through, then let me know if anything appeals to you. I can also help by recommending some options to streamline this process for you. 

You might even like to include some original material, if you’ve written a poem (or song) for your big day. Or perhaps you’d like an excerpt from your favourite author, movie or play. Let me know and I can do some research for you.

The list of rituals included in my booklet is by no means exhaustive; if you have something that is traditionally or culturally relevant to you and your family, or if you’ve come up with your own ritual, let’s talk about how we can include or adapt it to suit.

Of course, you don’t have to have readings or rituals; I would only suggest incorporating them if they have meaning and relevance to you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers, Lorraine


Your vows

Image by Cloud Catcher Studio

When you and your partner stand before each other on your wedding day and say your beautiful vows, it’s going to be one of the most incredible moments of your life, and a real highlight of your ceremony. 

So if you want to write your own personal vows but don’t really know where to start, download my Vow Cheat Sheet and you’ll be amazed at how the words will start to flow. 

Take some time to yourself, and answer the questions in the cheat sheet. You can use the ‘sentence-starters’ to give you a creative boost, if you wish. Your responses will give you some amazing material – from serious and heartfelt, to playful and humorous, with some real gems to make your vows unforgettable.

You can then try turning your favourite ideas into vows (or a rough draft), or you can simply send me your responses to the questions and I’ll ghost-write your vows for you, using your own words.

If you’d like to keep your vows a secret from each other until the big moment, I’ll ensure both sets of vows are balanced in length and tone (or degree of humour), and I’ll print them onto cards for you to read from on the day.

Of course, there is no pressure on you to write vows. If you find something in my examples (or elsewhere) that expresses what you want to say, or if you decide to go quite traditional with them, that’s completely fine too.

I look forward to receiving your first draft when you’re ready. Please send them through two weeks or more before your wedding. 

Have fun with it, and don’t hesitate to reach out for help any time you need it. I’m here for you.

To help me protect copyright, please don’t forward this document or page link to others. Many thanks for your understanding.

Cheers, Lorraine

Download my tips for creating your ceremony music playlists here.

It includes details for sharing your playlists with me so I can play your music through my sound system on the day.

I’ve incorporated loads of examples of suitable music tracks in case you need some inspiration, but the world is your oyster when it comes to selecting the soundtrack to your wedding, so choose songs that resonate with the two of you.

Go for something beautiful and romantic, or dramatic and goosebump-inspiring for your processional; something mellow or perhaps lighthearted for the signing of the register, and then something more upbeat (to kick off the party) for your recessional and post-ceremony tracks.

Don’t forget to really listen (or look up) the lyrics before adding a song to your ceremony playlist! (You don’t want to get caught with one of those songs that sounds like it should be a love song, but is actually about a broken heart.)

If you’re Spotify users, once you’ve finished creating your two playlists, click on the circle with three dots next to the ‘play’ button, choose ‘Share’, then select ‘Copy playlist link’, and paste that into an email or SMS to me. I’ll then download your music on my ipad. If you don’t use Spotify, just let me know the artists and tracks, and I’ll create the playlists on Spotify myself.

Enjoy! Cheers, Lorraine

For Queensland and New South Wales marriages, I can order your marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages for you when registering your marriage via the online registration systems in these states.

You can choose to purchase the standard legal certificate, or a commemorative package. Click on the link for the state in which you are marrying to see the commemorative options and to check current prices, but don’t go through to the online application process. Simply let me know your choice, and I will include your order with the registration process.

Queensland Marriage Certificate Options

Queensland Marriage Certificate Pricing

NSW Marriage Certificate Options

NSW Marriage Certificate Pricing

Cheers, Lorraine