The Magic Art of Writing a Wedding Ceremony

The Magic Art of Writing a Wedding Ceremony

by Lorraine Wright, Marriage Celebrant

© 2019 Lorraine Wright, The Wright Celebrant

Lorraine Wright wearing a cerise Portmans sleeveless dress sitting at a wooden picnic table in a garden surrounded by pink Bougainvillea flowers holding an ipad and pen and smiling at the camera
Lorraine Wright, Brisbane Wedding Celebrant. Image by Natarsha March.

When I’m writing a wedding ceremony, inspiration is everything. And I take that inspiration from my clients; the two ‘lovebirds’ I’m working for in that moment. I’m humbled that my couples put their trust in me, and I want to live up to that trust, every time.

So my process is very much about focusing on them – the conversations and laughs we’ve had together, the anecdotes they’ve shared with me, and the heartfelt, hilarious and sometimes surprising things they’ve written in their Couple’s Questionnaire. All of these sources combine to give me great insight into who they are as individuals, and as a couple.

Then, with those two wonderful people ‘front and centre’ in my mind, I start to craft their script. And it’s all about creating the right atmosphere or feeling… or to quote that classic Aussie film, ‘The Castle’… “It’s the vibe.”

A great ceremony has a rhythm all its own; an ebb and flow, with moments of sincere, sometimes intense emotion giving way to laughter, and occasional tears… like the best kind of roller coaster. And don’t be surprised if the ones shedding a tear are those who least expected to! The laughter and tears show the depth of feeling they’re experiencing, and that’s what we want for your loved ones on your big day.

bride wearing a white veil looking down while groom looks lovingly down at her
Kate and Gerry – a beautiful moment captured by New Black Studios.

An important part of my role as your marriage celebrant is to help create an amazing experience for everyone who has come together to share in your wedding celebrations, and to set the tone for the rest of your day. Ultimately, you want YOUR wedding to be the best one you’ve ever been to! For me, that’s the goal, every time.

One of my favourite tricks for creating an authentic, conversational ceremony script is to say it out loud; try it again a few different ways; then write it down. By testing it out (my choice of words and phrases, tone and inflection), the smallest nuances then work together to make that script tell a great story.

I also like to use the Notes app on my phone to dictate ideas and snippets while they’re fresh in my mind, so I can come back to them when I start writing. It’s a handy way to keep track of some of the special tidbits you share with me during our conversations, and it means I can give you my undivided attention, rather than trying to write everything down as we chat. Very often, those notes I’ve dictated right after a meeting end up sliding perfectly into the final script. It’s an easy, non-intimidating way to inject your ceremony with your own words.

So there you have it… just a few little insights into the “method in my madness” for writing completely customised, personal wedding ceremonies. I’d love to write yours next!

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Lorraine Wright wearing a dusky pink top standing behind a white counter holding a pink coffee mug in a neutral kitchen with pale pink flowers and a fruit bowl in the background and a plate of cookies on the bench
Lorraine Wright, Wedding Celebrant. Image by Natarsha March.